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Welcome to Great Landings Aviation

Great Landings Aviation is your destination for independent, custom flight training, aviation training and career guidance, airplane ownership advice and airplane management consulting.

Our commitment to you:

  • Structured, transparent approach
  • Safety focus
  • Predictable cost
  • Focus on you
  • Make it fun

We are passionate about helping you realize your dream to fly. We know the world of flight training is overwhelming, and we have developed a unique set of services to support you, aimed to help you find the best approach for you and to save you money. If you are new flight training or need some help figuring out how to complete your training for your private pilot certificate, our Primary Flight Instruction section will be useful. If you are already a pilot and want to learn more, check out our Advanced Flight Instruction and Instrument Flight Instruction sections. If you are a pilot and are looking for a structured approach to become or stay current, look up our Currency and Refresher Training section.

Are you an airplane owner or aspiring to become one? Look at our Ownership section to see how we can help you get there and keep that airplane in the air.

We hope you will find our Articles entertaining and educational. Check back often for the latest insights and points of view.