Currency and Refresher Training

Currency and Refresher Training is about more than staying current by the regulation. To stay safe, sharp and capable of stretching ourselves and continuing to learn, we need to manage our personal proficiency. In Great Landing’s Flight Proficiency Center, we offer a set of unique tools to create a Personal Proficiency Plan, scope out Proficiency Practice Flights and help in proficiency based Go/No-Go decisions.

Rust-Shaker Training

If your flying schedule has led to not meeting your personal proficiency minimums, our Rust-Shaker training flight is aimed to get your proficiency and confidence back up as efficiently as possible. Our aim is to:

  • Take you through some familiar proficiency enhancing maneuvers
  • Take you out of your comfort zone with maneuvers you may not have done for a while
  • Teach you something new

We recommend you plan a solo flight briefly after your Rust Shaker flight to further solidify the skills and habits and re-enforce your confidence.

We recommend spending some time reviewing some ground topics, and with that, your Rust-Shaker training will also count as a FAR 61.56 (Bi-annual) Flight Review.

Revive-Your-License Training

If you have not flown for a long time, you will likely need more than one Rust-Shaker flight. Your pilots license is valid indefinitely, but to exercise your pilot privileges, you need a Flight Review.

In this case, the Flight Review is simply a series of lessons, aimed to wake up your dormant skills, teach you what’s new, trigger your confidence and make you a safe pilot agaim.

What that looks like will be different for every pilot, and we will work with you to make a plan. How long you have not flown, what type of flying you want to do and how you learn will all go into a timed plan with clear goals and measurable progress. We want you back in the air as quickly and as safely as possible.

Next Steps

Getting back in the left seat may seem daunting, but you have worked too hard to get your license to ignore the call of the sky. Let’s have a conversation and see how we can help you get back in the sky.