Airplane Ownership

Owning and airplane gives unparalleled pleasure and freedom. There’s nothing like having the ability to travel where you want, when you want to. To have a sophisticated machine waiting for you the way you left it. A machine of which you know every aspect. And one that is, or will be, optimally equipped for your flying mission.

Getting the plane of your dreams

Getting that airplane is exciting, but it can be a daunting task. There are lots of questions: What is the right airplane for me? What avionics do I need and want now versus upgrade later? What is my best strategy for dealing with engine TBO? How do I find out about strengths, weaknesses and ADs for your airplane? How difficult will it be to get insurance? How do I estimate the cost of ownership?

At Great Landings Aviation, we love talking about airplanes and we are here for you. With experience in airplane buying, maintenance, financial management and upgrade management, we can help you make or review your plans and provide you with an objective perspective. We can’t eliminate the unknowns, but with our experience supplementing yours, we can help you choose the right plane for your mission.

Owning the plane of your dreams

Aside from the joy and satisfaction your airplane gives you, it can also be a challenge and hard work. In addition to the administrative tasks around parking or hangar lease, insurance, taxes, corporate filings there is a constant flow of maintenance, repair and inspection work that needs to be performed to keep the bird in airworthy and usable condition. There are lots of trade-offs and negotiations with many different parties. In summary, it can be a lot of work.

Upgrading your avionics, overhauling your engine, or renewing your interior are large projects. The outcome can be fantastic, but getting there is something not everyone would equally enjoy.

Let us help you. We can custom-build a program for you to take part or all of the head-ache, so you can focus on the flying. Example services:

  • Manage your upgrade, overhaul, major maintenance projects: we will document your requirements, explore the market, propose a solution, solicit bids and manage the execution based on your choices from end-to-end
  • Maintenance, repair and inspection management: we will coordinate your airplane’s annual, 100 hour, static system, ELT, transponder, AD and other required inspections with your flying schedule. We will manage squawks and associated repairs. For any trade-offs, we will provide a clear choice and provide our perspective for your consideration.
  • Or we can design a turn-key service solution, where we keep your airplane in top condition, so you have it ready to fly when you want to.

Contact us to set up a conversation about how we can help you with your airplane ownership.