Straight and Level IFR Scan

An instrument student asked me how fast to scan the instrument for straight and level flight. It was a good question. I took a best guess of an answer (~10 seconds per scanning cycle in straight and level flight) and though that seems about right, it also raises a bunch of other questions. Having a… Continue reading Straight and Level IFR Scan

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Rust-Shaker: S-Turns

S-Turns Across a Road Few pilots appear to perform this Ground Reference maneuver much after getting their private pilot license, but perhaps they should, as it is an excellent rust shaker and can be very useful in every pilot’s Rust-Shaker Maneuver collection. Why? S-turns help rebuild proficiency in at least two ways: They require the… Continue reading Rust-Shaker: S-Turns

Why Not Make It A (B)FR?

Besides working on a new pilot rating, checkout, endorsements or mandatory flight reviews, there are many reasons to fly with a CFI: Regain proficiency after a pause in flying Preparing for a flight that is outside your comfort zone Practicing a skill that has been neglected (when is the last time you flew under the… Continue reading Why Not Make It A (B)FR?