Putting my Instrument Training to Work


Since finishing my Instrument Rating I have been asked quite a few times by friends and even my wife, “So, did you get to use your new Instrument Rating?”

I just wanted to thank you again for the great training because in every instance I have responded positively. I sure did use that training. I may not have needed the rating to fly in IMC but I am absolutely a better pilot as a result of the training. My trip to Idaho in June was much improved in terms of weather understanding, use of the weather forecasting products, diversions for avoidance, etc. Yesterday in Quebec I was much better at controlling the airplane speeds than I have been in the past. All as a direct result of the training I received earning the Instrument Rating.

When I started I did it because I wanted to increase my aviation skills and be a safer, better pilot. I also intend to maintain my proficiency and imagine that I may use the actual rating for brief IMC encounters here and there. But already I can absolutely say that my mission has been accomplished. I am so glad I made the effort to get the rating and I’m glad for your good training.

Thanks again,


A Skilled Pilot and a Skilled Teacher

Have worked very closely with Gerard for the past 18 months. He has taken me from a 10-hour student pilot, and has helped me get my private pilot’s license, high-performance endorsement, and just recently helped me successfully kill it on my Instrument Rating Checkride!

He has the heart of a teacher, and knows his stuff better than anyone else I have encountered. He is thoughtful, conscientious, and very patient. He is a skilled pilot and a skilled teacher. He is super available and his prices are very competitive. Gerard is always available to ask questions, is tireless in his research and always willing to help explain and make sure you understand.

It is without hesitation that I can recommend him to anyone at any stage of your aviation career. Check Ride coming up, new endorsements, need to get current, or just want to tune up your skills, give Gerard a call. You will learn more than you expected to.