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Want to become a pilot or aircraft owner? Ready for your next rating? Great Landings Aviation provides independent flight instruction, recurrent and proficiency training and aviation consulting. Great Landings Aviation is based in the Portland – Hillsboro Oregon area and offers remote services nation-wide.

Learning to fly is one of the most rewarding ventures many of us undertake in life. Pilots earn the privilege to take off and travel to destinations that are difficult to reach. They obtain a unique perspective navigating the third dimension.

The good news is that the United States is second to none when it comes to flight training resources. We have free access to the latest handbooks, charts, procedures, weather resources and lots of other world class information. Air Traffic Control Services are free. Most airports don’t charge landing fees. This makes the U.S. the place to be for flight training.

Become a Pilot

That said, getting started with flight training and working towards your private pilot certificate can be daunting. There are many route, obstacles and potential missteps. Setbacks can be frustrating and costly. Worst case, great future pilots give up the dream completely.

Great Landings Aviation wants to help you chart your course to success and manage the risk of potential mishaps along the way. Before talking about providing flight instruction, we will sit down together and talk about your goals, timeline, constraints and preferences. We will answer your questions about what it takes to become a pilot, what you can and cannot do as a pilot, how you stay proficient as a pilot, and the best ways for you to get flight training. Our commitment: independent flight training advice – not a flight instruction sales call.

Who We Are

Great Landings Aviation is a collective of independent flight instructions who believe our first priority should be….You! The flight training world is full of conflicting interests. We keep things simple with a laser focus on the interest of our clients. Our promise to you is:

  • Your success defines our success – no hidden interests;
  • We will act partners with mutual commitment;
  • Enabling you to learn is more important than teaching;
  • We commit to unwavering integrity and transparency;
  • Our approach is structured but flexible, individualized but to strong standards.

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We love talking about flying. If you would like to set up some time to talk through your flying dreams and aspirations, drop us a line! Or schedule time for a free 30 minute planning session.