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Learn to Fly

So, you want to Learn to Fly ….

You have come to the right place: we can help you learn to fly with primary flight training – planning, instruction and mentoring. At Great Landings Aviation, our mission is to help people like you accomplish their dream to fly and become safe, confident and fun-loving pilots.

Flight Training Planning

There are many ways to learn to fly. Some of the choices you will need to make:

  • Will you use a flight school, join a flying club, join a airline career school, buy or rent your own airplane and hire an independent instructor?
  • How fast should plan to go?
  • Through what approach will learn and prepare for the knowledge test: ground school, online course or one-on-one with your instructor.
  • What type of airplane should you use for training? A 2- or 4-seaters; high or low wing; glass panel or round gauges?

With all those choices, how do you decide what path is right for you?

At Great Landing Aviation, we are here help you. We offer a Flight Training Plan Consultation, specifically for this purpose. After we get to know you and your goals a bit more, we will help you chart the best course. We will even help you look for flight training options in your area. In addition, we will give you tips and tricks for staying focused on accelerating your training.

Your primary flight training will be a big investment in both time and money. Being armed with the right knowledge and tools will make you confident you are on the right path.

Flight Training Mentoring

During your flight training, lots of unexpected events may try to disrupt your training progress. Perhaps your favorite training airplane is no longer available. Or the airlines hire your flight instructor away. At some point, you may just feel you are not making enough progress quickly enough.

Through our Flight Training Mentoring program, you will get a dedicated independent flight instructor who is on your side. When ever you get stuck, you will have a knowledgeable friend who will have your back.

Setbacks in your flight training can seem devastating, but with an experienced, independent instructor on your side, the impact can often be minimized.

Learn to Fly In Your Plane

If you already own a plane and you are in the greater Sacramento Area, Great Landings Aviation can provide you with world class flight instruction. We use a structured, proven curriculum that aims to combine flight training with simulator practice and ground instruction to maximize learning. You will always know where you are on your journey towards your pilot certificate. And you can be assured that our focus is always on you!

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